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Northern Colorado is an amazing place to live and we love that it is our specialty to help people buy and sell homes in this area.

Amy’s background includes doing government communication work in many of the towns/cities in the area which helps the team find the best place for you especially if you are moving in from out of state.

If you are wondering where your home should be in NoCo, contact us and we’d love to learn more about you so we can help you find it.






Larimer County is located in north central Colorado. It is the sixth largest county in Colorado based on population.

The county extends to the Continental Divide and includes several mountain communities and Rocky Mountain National Park. The County encompasses 2,640 square miles that include some of the finest irrigated farmland in the state, as well as vast stretches of scenic ranch lands, forests and high mountain peaks. Over 50% of Larimer County is publicly owned, most of which is land within Roosevelt National Forest and Rocky Mountain National Park.

In addition to these federal lands, Colorado State Parks and Recreation, and Larimer County Parks and Open Spaces combine to provide a wide spectrum of recreational opportunities that are enjoyed by both residents and visitors.

The following information was obtained from on 3/9/22. 


among the 3 fastest growing metro areas in the nation.


Welcome to beautiful Weld County — home to 32 incorporated municipalities, including growing cities, charming towns, thriving businesses and thousands of acres of prime agricultural land.

As Colorado’s third largest county, Weld County covers 4,016 square miles in the northern part of the state and is larger than the size of Rhode Island, Delaware and the District of Columbia combined so while 325,000 people call Weld County home, we still have plenty of room for growth.

The climate is dry and generally mild with warm summers, mild winters and a growing season of approximately 138 days. The land surface is fairly level in the east, with rolling prairies and low hills near the western border. Elevations in the county range from 4,400 to 5,000 feet. The South Platte River and its tributaries, the Cache la Poudre, the Big Thompson, the Little Thompson, the St. Vrain, and other smaller streams, flow into Weld County from the south and west, leaving the county on the east. With available services, location, resources and livability, Weld County offers unbounded opportunity for families to live, work and play. We have one more important ingredient as well: a positive attitude toward growth. For information regarding Weld County demographics, please visit Planning and Zoning, look under the Helpful Information section. We love being here,  and we’d love having you here too! 

Population: There are 32 incorporated municipalities in Weld County. The county seat and principal city, Greeley, is located in the west central part of the county and contains approximately 1/3 of the county’s population. Generally, most of the remaining population resides within a 20-30 mile radius of Greeley; the northeastern part of the county is sparsely populated.

The following information was obtained from on 3/9/22. 





We are proud NoCo residents and can’t wait to show you the amazing features of this region.