Meet Your Northern Colorado Real Estate Experts

Amy Tallent, Owner & Lead Agent

Believer, Wife & Mom, Business Owner, Team Lead, Town Volunteer.

Kayleigh Weickum, Real Estate Agent

Wife & Boy mom, First Responder & Military Family, Beer & Outdoor Adventurer, Colorado Native.

Kailen Yost, Real Estate Agent

Opportunist, NoCo Native, Family Focused, Passionate, Hardworking.

Lauren Baumgartner, Real Estate Agent

Hardworking, Dedicated and Caring.

Annalyssa Brandley, Home Marketing Specialist

Community Giver and NoCo Focused

Tallent Co. Real Estate’s Code of Ethics:

  1. We are trustworthy and continually make decisions paired with actions that earn trust from our teammates, our partners, our clients, and our communities. 
  2. We choose the high road and do the right thing, even and especially when others do not, no matter what. 
  3. We protect ourselves and our clients. We are safe and keep your privacy. 
  4. We act with integrity and professionalism at all times. 
  5. We understand our client’s needs and wants as well as their goals.  
  6. We are patient & understanding. We do not pressure clients into making decisions they are not ready to make and will always have their best interests at heart. 
  7. We are strong, proactive communicators.  
  8. As leaders, we go first. 
  9. We speak with truth and grace. We remain steadfast. 
  10. We do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
What you need to know about us right away, is that we are great at what we do! When you work with the right real estate team, the moving process changes from stressed and difficult to organized, meaningful, and can actually be fun! 

What we do.

We help our clients to buy, sell and explore home opportunities. With our award-winning marketing, knowledge of Northern Colorado, inviting interior design and staging, and eye-catching videography and photography our clients are guaranteed the best results!

our promise.

To make it a priority to know and understand your family.

That we will spend time learning about your financial goals.

You can rely on us to be well-organized, proactive, and efficient.

We don’t work like normal realty teams because we aren’t a team of only realtors. We have experts in the market, social media, photography, staging, and admin assistance to help us support you in your journey. We have all the necessary items you need to sell your home for top dollar and buy your next home with common sense and peace.

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