House and home. 

Those words create different emotional feelings and when you work with us, you’ll notice we use these two words with purpose and intention as we guide you through the selling & buying process.

A home is what product of choosing the right house. We talk frequently about creating a home where peace, joy, abundance, and restoration can flow naturally. It takes time, attention, and intention to create this type of space.

A house is what it is before it’s a home.

A house- it’s not personalized, it’s bare, and it’s where you show what the true potential lies within making it a home.

And there are only two times your home should be a house.

1. When you’re buying it.

2. When you’re selling it.

As you look at your current home before you offered on it, you could imagine your life there. That’s probably why you chose it. For me, a significant sign that I love a home is when I can envision where the Christmas tree goes, where we carve pumpkins, where we play board games, and I need to be able to envision a specific spot my husband and I go to talk and dream about our future together. Those are my musts. You probably do something similar as you look at homes.

A space that is clean, decluttered, and basic is the best way to envision clearly and that’s what we help you do when it’s time to sell too. Many times we like to cling to our home as being our home and it’s hard to bring it back to a house. It’s not an easy thing to do because you’ve spent years making that you and/or your family’s home. 

But you can also look at this differently and allow yourself to start feeling that it’s no longer your home. This can be a great reassuring sign that it’s time for your next adventure.

During our process, we help to make your home become a house again. We help you declutter, depersonalize, and stage your current home to become a house so that it can become a home for someone else. Next, we help you envision the houses you’re looking at buying as homes. 

House to home. 

Home to house. 

Then house to home again. 

There is nothing we love more than bringing you home again!

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