If you’re anything like me, you’ve questioned if you are in the right home for you and your family. A new home looks like the right solution when you’re frustrated at your current one.

And you would think that an agent would tell you “SELL SELL SELL” but I don’t work that way because I care deeply about your home being a place of wellness, rest, and joy. You might very well be in the very best home and it could just need a bit of love. If you own a home in Colorado, you’ve got a pretty good investment and its always nice to be paying down a mortgage instead of increasing it.

But there are many instances where your home is not the right fit. Maybe it was and now it’s not or maybe it never was at all but it was where you landed.

Ask yourself these three questions to find out if you should stay or go.


Create a list of what you love about it, what you would change, and what your dream home would have. There has to be things you love about your home and get really specific on this list. For example, “I Iove our dining room because its where we play and have great family conversations” or “I don’t like my bedroom because it doesn’t feel very romantic or relaxing.” Or “I love the layout of my home but I hate the location because there isn’t enough land.”


From that list, what is fixable? You can fix rooms to feel cozy with great decor, paint, and lighting. Maybe your home doesn’t have a mud room and you are finding that at the end of every day the go items are spilling into your kitchen and living areas. Can you build a wall mud room in the garage? Can you spread out where the “go” items are stored? Ask yourself these questions to see if you can fix the problems. Also if you have a size issue, find out if you can expand or add onto your home. Don’t forget to check into town/city and county rules when you’re looking at this. However, if location and land size is part of your what you would change list, that’s a large sign that its time to look elsewhere.


Emotionally and financially, how does your home make you feel. There is a reason we call it a home when you live there and not a house. It’s because home is an emotionally triggered word that means you feel safe and loved in a space. When you walk into your home, does it make you happy to be there? Do you feel rested when you leave it? Many times your emotional health within your home can also be tied to your financial health. I know too many people that are house poor and while people usually increase to larger homes, sometimes you need to sell your home and move to a smaller one where it provides you with financial peace as well. If you’ve cleaned and organized your home and still don’t find peace there, that’s a sign its not the right home.

You might very well be in the very best home and it could just need a bit of love.

My goal for you is peace, wellness, rest, and joy. If you’re home doesn’t bring you that, reach out to our team because its our passion to help you find that whether its in your current home or a new one.

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