Moving can be stressful!

Sometimes you get into it and you say “why on earth did we do this?”

But then comes a moment when you realize it was all worth it and that your life is better from it.

BUT moving is less stressful when you have the right partner that alleviates your stress, keeps you on track, and has the resources to make your life easier!

Here are some examples of how we do this for our clients….

Understanding your goals.

The very first thing we do is understand where you want your future to be. We have a conversation with you and an amazing buyer’s survey that helps us understand where you are and where you want to be.

Additionally, we filter your home searches to truly only show you what fits your goals.

Sometimes the search systems do not have all the parameters of what you want (many times because other agents do not completely fill them out), so we get the listings sent to us, we filter them and then send them to you so you’re inbox is not filled with mismatched houses. This saves you time.

Discussing strategy.

We are currently in a very strong seller’s market but that does not mean you have to “give away the farm” when moving from your current home to another.

We have successfully gotten many buyers into new homes by building a strong relationship with the listing agent and finding out what is most important to the seller to have your offer stand out.

You’d be surprised how many times it isn’t just about price!

This saves you energy.

Our team.

We have multiple team members to keep you on track as we are all incredibly organized people to proactively remind you of deadlines and walk you through every item that comes up.

We also pay a transaction coordinator who has the responsibility of keeping us all on track during the transaction. You won’t miss a deadline with our team! This saves you from stress.

The ability to adapt.

We understand every single transaction is going to have a change within it. It could be funding, inspection, appraisal, change of heart, or anything.

Our team does not stress when changes come up because we know how to adapt and create creative solutions.

This saves you from surprises.

Imagine a move that saves your time, energy, and stress.

Wouldn’t a team that commits to that be the team you want to work with? | (303) 434-5321

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